Peter's Guided Tours through Amsterdam

Walk through the Jordaan
One of the most famous districts of our city is the Jordaan. An area full of old stories, music history, cozy pubs, wonderful shops and monumental buildings. The Jordaan Canal Walk takes you past ancient courtyards, the Noorderkerk and the Western Church, and Johnny Jordaanplein. Historical events like the eel riots and poverty have left their marks. There is plenty of time for old hospitality, we could stop at one of the many cafes in the Jordaan.

Walk in the Red Light District
A walk along scantily clad ladies and specialty theaters. Along the famous spots of Amsterdam's Red Light District as the Banana Bar, the Old Church, Casa Rosso, the reddest and narrowest alley in Amsterdam, Moulin Rouge, the Schreierstoren, the Blood Street, the Old Sailor pub and Chinatown. Everything you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask is discussed. We'll have a pub stop at one of the bars in the Red Light District.

Walk through historic Amsterdam
A wonderful tour of the picturesque medieval heart of Amsterdam, with emphasis on historical events and beautiful legends. Discover the rich history and many romantic views in the inner core of the city. The emergence of Amsterdam, the Golden Age, the monumental buildings, picturesque canals, streets and unprecedented structures. Once again, a pub stop can be made at your leisure.

All tours have a duration of at least two hours.